we hardly knew ye

It appears that my long-disused Alesis SR-16 drum machine has given up the ghost. I plugged it into my analog mixer and then into Garageband the other day and tapped a few pads experimentally. Rather than the very-good-yet-clearly-sampled drum sounds I was used to, I instead heard blasts of trashy, staticy, distorted digital noise with the vaguest hints of drum sounds buried in them.

"But that's awesome!" I clairvoyantly hear you thinking. Yes, in certain circumstances it could be very cool. But it's a sound that you can only use sparingly and it's a shame that such a quality, versatile machine has been reduced to a novelty noisemaker.

I have no idea what might have happened to it. It's been more or less sitting around untouched for a good long while. Ah well. Entropy wins again.

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Anonymous said...

Based my experience with a HR-16B (before fixing it and sending off to xdjio)...

Power Supply, took me a while to get a replacement putting out the right amount of amps, the ones that weren't enough Volts or Amps would make it turn on but glitchy in bad ways (ie: unpredictable sounds that crackled more than sounded like drum samples, also reboots at random times if not indefinitely)

Otherwise... lemme take a crack at it, at worse I'll bend it back into some sort of useable noisemaker 8)