nerd day

My friend René and I went out in the drizzly day to the Big Apple Comic Con today. I brought along the Transmetropolitan page I own for inker Rodney Ramos to sign, which he graciously did. Slim pickings overall on the original-art-buying field today but I did break down and buy a page from Richard Sala's Peculia and a page from an Authority arc drawn by Glen Fabry. They're pretty awesome and I spent three times what my art budget was on the two of them... but hey, it's been a long time since I've bought art.

I also fell completely in love with Liza Biggers while I was at the con, but it turns out she's married.

My camera was with me, but I declined to photograph any of the rent-a-ho chicks.

In other news we had a fun time with the band tonight, and my hands played the best guitar I think I've ever played. My right index finger almost started to bleed around the cuticle. This is because I rocked SO HARD.
If I can ever get this shit out of garageband I will be happy.


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