begin document

This past weekend my collaborator Jeff and I trekked up to Boston, camera gear in tow, to begin shooting our documentary about the emergent social element of the Everything2 website and it went very well. Some things about filmmaking never change, and one of those things is getting up too early and hauling heavy equipment around.

We shot several hours of interview footage with our first two subjects and I'm quite pleased with the results. I'm not sure where we'll be off to next on this grand adventure, but watch this space.

The Pentax K100D DSLR that I ordered a while ago has arrived and I'm currently shaking it down. The kit lens is a bit slow, as expected. I haven't pulled any of the RAW images I've shot off of the camera yet so I don't really have an evaluation of the image quality, but you can bet I'll have something up on flickr as soon as there's something worth posting.

One interesting thing I discovered is that the K100D is approximately one stop more sensitive than my Minolta light meter. A normal exposure reading on the meter when it is set for 400 ISO seems to be equivalent to a normal exposure reading via the K100D's meter when set at 200 ISO. I'm not sure what the source of the discrepancy is yet... it's possible that the Minolta has become miscalibrated, it's possible that the K100D is inaccurate, or it's possible that ISO ratings for digital capture don't really have much to do with ISO ratings for film. More research needs to be done.

For those of you in NYC, I recommend coming out to the Last Resort Art Space on Friday the 23rd at 9:30PM for good times. Ignore the fact that the flyer seems to feature a furry.


my name in lights

I have returned from Amsterdam, and lo it was good. It's a rare city one goes to in which merely walking around feels like an embrace, but Amsterdam is that city. My new future fantasy is to move there and open some kind of post-production facility. Anyone wanna donate a ton of money to the cause?

Graffiti Research Lab set up residence in Rotterdam just before I arrived in the Netherlands and took over the LED wall on the KPN Telecom Building. The generous fellows requested submissions from The Intertubes and who was I to resist them?


I just wish I could have seen it in person.