So maybe there will be two aspects to my mummification. One is, shall we say, analog: the physical preservation of my body for as long as possible. The second could be my Digital Mummy.

The Digital Mummy would embody an attempt to project information about myself as far into the future as, or further than, my physical body. It would be an interesting contrast to my general belief that nothing digitally stored can be considered archival.

Perhaps I should buy a dedicated cheap computer to begin my Digital Mummy on. Then again, probably the easiest way to ensure prolonged survival of information is via wide dissemination. Getting as much as possible out there onto The Internets, with plenty of redundancy.

Also, it seems to me that the only mummies which really survive are those considered to be famous. Kings and whatnot. So maybe the Digital Mummy can help keep my Analog Mummy famous enough to survive.

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