she done done it

I opened this month's issue of Res magazine warning: page is chock full of animated ads for Adobe products that will probably slow your browser to a crawl to discover that the artist who did the wonderful cutout paper piece on the Adirondack Furniture building which I photographed this past weekend has a name! She calls herself Swoon and the intarweb tells me she has pieces up all over NYC.

So Swoon, if you ever happen to read this, consider this a shoutout. I love your work.


Swoon interview from 2003
Swoon interview from 2004
Swoon Google search results


Anonymous said...

Came across your blog via your comment on the Longnow site. I live in san francisco, and it was about 2 weeks ago that I saw, and was fascinated by, work similar to the paper cuts by swoon. I knew nothing about the medium or the artist/inspiration. nice coincidence, finding your comments here.


QXZ said...

All hail the Internet Coincidence Engine!
Thanks for the comment, jleahy. Perhaps we'll run into each other more often on the Long Now forums.