oh, the pain

With A Don Red Yell

I returned to Club Midway on Friday night to enjoy the electrotainment subunit OUCH (warning: Myspace) as well as the triumphant return to New York of Adam Fanning and The Crust. This was my first opportunity to enjoy OUCH as a four-piece, as they now feature C Plus on extra smooth dance moves and backup vocals.

Jeff and I have booked our flights, hotels and rental car for the upcoming Florida trip which will contain both a wedding and the second location shoot for our E2 documentary. Wheels are actually turning on this project, people.

It appears I'll be shooting some video for the Laura Thomas Band (warning: Myspace) this coming Friday which they intend to post on The YouTube. Links forthcoming.

And speaking of pain, the Department of Defense was kind enough to demonstrate their new pain ray, the "Active Denial System", on some people and record some video of the experience. Windows Media clips are available at the bottom of the page here and there's also this clip of an AP reporter getting quite the giggle out of being blasted with millimeter-wave EM energy.

Ha! Take that, free press! Note how carefully he avoids describing the experience as painful. Gotta sell it properly if you intend to deploy high tech weapons of physical coercion against your own population (lord knows we don't care how it plays with the Brown People). RETURN TO YOUR FREE SPEECH ZONE, CITIZEN, OR WE WILL ZAP YOU. Isn't it fun to live in the last days of a sham democracy?