read this other guy

Okay my friend Mike has now received the first ISOTA plug. He is the creator of the thus-far completely hilarious webcomic Classy Dames & Able Gents. You should read it because it's funny.

For example:


And also:


Hopefully there will soon be ways to give him money.


you like comics, right?

It's anarchy, Anna! Communist anarchy!

In other news, waiting on funds to print stickers. Probably post-New Year.


she's been dancin'

I have been contracted (with promises of free beer) to videograph the upcoming performance of the world's greatest drunkest Guns N' Roses tribute band Mr. Brownstone. They're playing at NorthSix in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this coming Friday night (12/9/05) at midnight and it's one of their last shows.

Friends, I know what you probably think of tribute bands but let me tell you... these guys are Fun As Hell. In fact they are most likely A Lot More Fun Than The Real Guns N' Roses Is These Days but having not seen those jerks lately who knows?

I have drafted my friend Andy to act as a second camera operator for the evening and we're hoping that the guy running the soundboard will record the show for us so's our edited concert video can have good sound.

My double-secret probation reason for wanting to do this, other than Slash being virtuosically aped by my friend Gerard Egan, is hope that Gerard's incredibly excellent real band, Boss Tweed will want me to someday shoot a concert film for them. So I'm considering this an audition of sorts.


will come to town, will party down

So here's a first attempt at a possible ISOTA James Brown sticker. I was flying home from Seattle this morning and the idea of layers of magnification came to me as a "way in" to some kind of design scheme.

sticker2 copy

Speaking of the flight, it featured blankets and pillows unlike the flight which spawned the Infidel Sorcerers of the Air. It also featured having to pay for a crappy little box of snacks. NUTS TO YOU, AMERICAN AIRLINES.

Film recommendations: "F for Fake" by Orson Welles and "Sword of Doom" (Daibosatsu Toge) by Kihachi Okamoto.

I am getting back on this horse.