more praise for Old, Blackened Century

No Clean Singing has heaped high praise upon Old, Blackened Century in an extensive, entertaining and perhaps somewhat stalkerish review. Here's a taste:
Maybe it’s enough to say that if you’re starting to get bored with the metal you’ve been cranking recently, and you’re after something out of the box, you should go listen to Flaming Tusk’s horrifyingly enjoyable opus. (But really, be forewarned about the last song on the album — “Icy River”, which clocks in at nearly 10 minutes — it’s like the sonic equivalent of being tied naked to your bed with a dozen giant, oily black centipedes slowly crawling toward your face.)

I'd say that's pretty much what we were going for.


cab ride

About twenty four hours from now I'll be on a jet plane off to Granada, Spain and the beginning of my Morocco excursion. Expect plenty of photos and possibly some interesting audio clips after my return.


this week in Flaming Tusk

Atanamar at Sunyata: Mindful of Metal dropped in on the most recent Flaming Tusk show and I guess he liked what he saw because he's posted a glowing (uh, I mean, blackly glowing... in a totally metal way) review of the show to the internet. With pics!

This coming Saturday, March 6, Flaming Tusk will appear live on WNYU.org streaming radio's SOMA DEGENERATE metal show between 4PM and 6PM Eastern Time. We'll be playing about a half-hour live set followed by an interview with the band and you should tune your internet into the waves and listen. I'm not sure at what point or points in the broadcast we'll be on-air, but if you're a metal listener I strongly encourage you to set aside the whole two hours because metal selecta Navjot does a killer job putting together a playlist.