everybody's workin' for the weekend

Things Began this weekend. Jeff and René and I laid down three demo/guide tracks for the Seize Them! recordings (I was saying "album" before, but it'll probably be a lot more like an EP. of course, what does any of this mean in the age of the .mp3?), and it all went pretty well. I think I've got enough to start doing focused overdubs on those songs and really flesh them out.

On a trip to Guitar Center I indulged my long-time desire and bought an 8-track firewire audio interface to use for multitrack recording. Specifically I bought the Presonus Firepod. My man Tom over at GC was kind enough to give me a pretty good deal. So we are practically a recording studio up in here:
Seize Them! practice space

On Saturday I went for a two-hour bikeride around Long Island City and saw plenty of neato stuff. Pictures of some of it are up at my Flickr page.
mermaskeleton 3

Getting the Firepod allowed me to move the little Behringer 8 channel mixer I have into my room which inspired a redesign of my working setup, showing here (notes are on the pic's flickr page):

Man, I feel like a commercial. But the overall thrust is that projects are happening, for real. I am very happy about this. As soon as the new FCP system is installed at work I'll begin working on the Mr. Brownstone concert video. ISOTA stickers are delayed a bit, though the final design element has been decided upon. Printing funds kinda got diverted to the Firepod, but hey... sometimes you gotta reprioritize. Tomorrow I'll start scanning the photos I shot on the '00 Eurotrip for the journal book. Here's to continued productivity!

Now as my friend the ninja would say, get back to work you fucking slackers.


Wade Rockett said...

I think that in the age of the empeethree, "album" has become more apt a description than ever. Whereas a vinyl album was a single, physical object, a collection of music nowadays is more like a photo album - an assortment of individual items stored together in some...storage...thingy. A music album.

It's really early in the morning.

QXZ said...

That's a good point, really. Most likely these tracks will be available on a CD as well as a downloadable .zip file of .mp3s with album art or something like that.
Silly nomenclature!