the violent and perilous expedients of compulsion

These pixels have been dark for quite a while, and therefore my apologies to whoever has been obsessively reloading ISOTA in search of new content.

I suppose I'm "between projects". Euro Zero Zero seems to have stalled out as an interweb thingamajig and a printed, bound version feels a bit remote. It requires me choosing to exercise the writebone to come up with some kind of text content, and then getting my layout on in Illustrator. I am, as yet, uninspired.

Seize Them! has been somewhat sidetracked the past few weeks due to certain members (namely, me) being away over several weekends. Jeff selected some bits from our old rehearsal DATs to put up on the website, so that shall be done soonwise. When we do get to practice, Ken seems to make significant progress in familiarizing himself with our material. Promising.

Some vague ideas for stickering or stencilling have begun precipitating into the brainmeat lately. Possibly they will be related to Alexander Hamilton; I've been somewhat obsessed with him lately.

What I really need is a story idea. I have an urge to write a screenplay, actually finish a screenplay, and make a movie. I lust after the Panasonic HVX200 HD camera. T'aint cheap, but t'aint really expensive either, considering. But there's no way I'm going to give into my lust and lay out for the thing without some kind of goal in mind for it. Really. Probably. Really.

That said, if anyone just got a sudden urge to be spontaneously philanthropic please don't be shy.

But like I said, I need a story idea. This should be a good time of my life for stories, right? 28 years old, had some ups, had some downs, laughed a little, cried a little... must have something to say, right?

Careerwise the status quo prevails. I have finally sent hardcopies of my reel and resume to my friend at Sony Computer Entertainment America, so if I'm lucky I might get a call from them. Another friend of mine forwarded an email to me which was calling for assistant editors in LA. I originally put it aside, but last night (in the wee hours, when rash ideas can creep past your drowsy judgement) I sent my resume off to the contact. Again, highly unlikely anything will come of it but it would, hopefully, satisfy my desire to actually be working in movies or semi-quality TV.

By the way, my dad is a rock star.

My Dad, Rock Star

I have just passed the 10 year anniversary of my move to New York City. Perhaps there should be a party.


the other half

Okay, the Icelandic companion to the Amsterdam pictures has also gone up onto the interwebs and can be enjoyed here.
Personally, I think this set contains some of the best photographs I've ever taken.

Wishing Well