put your lips together and blow

Today I had the pleasure of editing a short promo video for The Louis Armstrong House & Museum. It's out in the Corona neighborhood of Queens and is one of those places I really should visit.

The promo will be shown primarily at the New York City tourism office in Times Square, so if you happen to be down there sometime soon look up at one of the monitors and you might catch it. It's not terribly fancy but the director of the museum created a good audio bed for the still images and video of the museum interior that we used. The tourism office is running the video silently, of course. Ah well...

I've been thinking that it's time for me to start writing a feature-length screenplay. It's something I never finished while in school and I'm inspired to make 2006 the Year of the Movie. Unfortunately I don't have any story ideas yet so if anyone has some feel free to toss them my way. You might even get a "story by" credit! Excitement!

Sticker design will probably get one last revision before being sent off to the printer. It's still missing something but I'm just not sure what. Speaking of stickers, you should check out this cool montage of the "Stormtrooper Che" sticker.

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