and now, back to the music

This past weekend saw a very productive Seize Them! practice. Every original song that we still perform as a three-piece gained depth and breadth, as we either fiddled with arrangements or just injected different moods into our playing. Jeff is making progress adjusting to the new requirement that he fill in bass as part of his keyboard duties, and for that I commend him.

As usual I recorded both days of our rehearsal into Garageband on the old laptop. It sounds pretty good for a live rehearsal recording. The keys are still low, which is odd considering how loud they sound in the practice space. Garageband is giving me heretofore not seen problems exporting bits of the recording to .mp3, but once I get that ironed out I hope to submit a track or two to Warren Ellis' "APPARAT" podcast in which he selects music for his audience from music contributed by his audience. That's a pretty neat idea. I've added a link to APPARAT on the sidebar, so check it out.

In another assault on my creative output I've acquired a copy of Mario Kart DS. I'm extremely excited about the idea of portable networked gameplay, so here's hoping it's as fun as I... hope... it will be. If you're a Mario Kart DS player you can find me using my "friend code", which is 077369 003388. ZOOM.


wheel of steel

I am finally (almost a month after paying for the thing) the proud owner of a used Stanton STR8-100 turntable. So far it appears to be in pretty good condition, though the platter is not entirely level. I've been messing with the pitch and speed settings and, of course, making the occasional timid scratch. Not that I intend to do much scratching. But it's sure as hell fun to mess with records.
Overall my creative output has been more or less stalled out. My personal life has gone radically off the rails as of last week so I'm still trying to figure out a bunch of crap related to that. Comparatively, making music and stickers and photographs doesn't really hold a lot of interest. So for all zero of you readers I apologize that not much interesting is going on in this space. Hopefully things will change soon.