these are the bands I know, I know


photo by Michele DiBernardo

Seize Them! played the main stage at the Astoria Music Now! festival (because of the exclamation point, mostly) on July 25th. It was fantastic to see such a concentration of great Astoria bands and musicians, and I hope we get to play it again next year. As usual, the recording of the show is available for free download at seizethem.com.

Flaming Tusk will be taking a good chunk of September to record our new, uh, record with engineer/producer Tom Beaujour at Nuthouse Recording in Hoboken. We're hoping to get a bunch of our new songs tracked, and following immediately after our last day of recording Flaming Tusk will be playing a show at The Cake Shop on September 20th with Athens, GA's own The Dumps. We're probably going to be playing GREAT after two weeks in the studio, so you definitely don't want to miss this show.