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I just finally got around to seeing Eugene Jarecki's documentary Why We Fight. It's a film I'd been wanting to see ever since I heard about it, but various circumstances demotivated me from seeing it until this very day. However, this is a movie I believe will survive for a long time so I suppose there's no real rush.

Why We Fight is, in my opinion, as successful a contemporary document of the reality of being an American as any that has ever been made. It's the movie I think a lot of people hoped Fahrenheit 9/11 could be.

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I realized recently that I had been deliberately avoiding watching anything containing footage from September 11, 2001. I, like many people, got so sick of not being able to turn around without seeing the World Trade Center towers crumbling into dust that watching it deliberately seemed ridiculous. It reads as silly to me to state that Why We Fight presents the event in a "tasteful" manner, but it's an accurate statement. But it's also a dry assessment and the truth is that Jarecki's facility with the power of the material moved me greatly. This is not to detract from Michael Moore's elegant solution to the problem which was, in fact, probably the most skillfully cinematic moment in his entire film. I have my hopes that Christopher Seward, an editor I briefly met recently, had a large part in creating that sequence. The point of the exceedingly long paragraph above was to say that if you have had a similar aversion in the past, I suggest not only that you should overcome it for this film but you will be greatly rewarded for doing so.

So thank you very much to Eugene Jarecki.

Also, hilarity on tonight's The Daily Show's dissection of Fox News' coverage of the Daytona Beach Serial Killer story.

Also also, I feel compelled to toss a large neon WTF? at Sharon Stone for being so gung ho for Basic Instinct 2. If I recall correctly she complained loudly and widely about how her trust and genitalia were exploited in the original Basic Instinct.

Lastly, holy awesome to the hundreds-of-thousands-strong marches across the United States in support of undocumented immigrants.

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