are you ready for some football?

Today was spent recording voiceover for 4th & Goal Films' 2006 Blue Chippers and Hidden Gems DVD preview of the 2006 NFL draft. Voice talent was Brian Baldinger, former offensive lineman for the Cowboys, Colts and Eagles and current football pundit for Fox Sports. Now I'm sure the following revelation will surprise none of you, but... I'm not a huge football fan. However! This process (which continues tomorrow) was quite entertaining. Over the course of editing almost all the footage for this DVD (which you should BUY NOW if you're a football fanatic) I have certainly gained a greater appreciation for football and I think I might actually understand and enjoy a game more. It was also a treat to hear a guy like Baldinger, an incredibly knowledgable expert in his field, hold forth on the players we were profiling and provide some anecdotes from his up-and-coming career as a commentator (the short version: John Madden is a jerk).

Relevant to last night's Oscars, congratulations to my ex-professor (if only for a few days before I dropped his class) John Canemaker for winning the Best Animated Short award. His film is called The Moon and the Son. Kudos also to Jon Stewart and the Daily Show writing staff for their excellent job on the most entertaining Oscars I've ever seen. Daily Show producer Glenn Clements is a friend of mine and I haven't gotten to speak to him about it yet, but if he was involved I say ROCK ON, GLENN.

I've finished a rough cut of the Mr. Brownstone show from NorthSix in December and, I'm happy to say, I've been contracted to shoot the upcoming performance of Boss Tweed at Galapagos (next door to NorthSix) on March 11. Boss Tweed is a great band and if you're in the area you should come out and see the show. I'll be covering the action with three cameras this time (with assistance from John Wiseman and an as-yet-unchosen third cameraperson) so I should have great material. I've wanted to make a concert film for Boss Tweed for a while now, so I'm pretty psyched.

Seize Them! practice over the past few weekends has yielded excellent results. Jeff completed his Herculean labor of culling through all our old DATs to find gems we could work into new songs and he found quite a few. So our catalog of material is poised to expand dramatically. It also seems we're covering Boston's "More Than A Feeling" which is totally frikkin' awesome and if you don't love the hell out of that song I dunno how you get any joy out of life at all.

It looks like ISOTA sticker printing will be delayed 'til May. But no later than May! I will require them for my June vacation to the Roots Music Festival in Amsterdam and the subsequent chillout in Reykjavik.
Th th th that's all.

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