solar powered rock n' roll revolution

First of all, Classy Dames & Able Gents has updated, this time translating everyone's favorite game, Mornington Crescent, into comic form.

I'm happy to see, via the Foresight Nanotechnology Institute's email newsletter, that OrionSolar has been given one million dollars in venture capital to assist them in producing their totally awesome nanodot-dye-based flexible solar power sheets which may wind up producing solar power for about $.70 per peak watt. That, friends, is CHEAP solar power these days. I want these guys to succeed for many reasons, not the least of which is my dream to travel the world making a documentary about how to make communities sustainable while charging my various media electronics with a light, cheap, flexible solar power source. I actually wrote to OrionSolar back when I first heard of them to see if they'd be interested in sponsoring such a venture by kicking me some product, but they informed me that, regrettably, they did not have anything in production just yet.

Met up with 2/3 of Boss Tweed to discuss their upcoming european tour and how the video footage I shot might help them in that endeavor. We also tossed some talk around about doing a music video, so we'll see what might go forward with that. Man, it'd be fun. After the "meeting" I checked out Warren Malone, a very good singer-songwriter, at a small gig he was playing at the grandiosely named yet tiny Allen Street club the Rockwood Music Hall. Excellent stuff. Interesting encounter with a waitress, too. She brought me my $5 bottle of beer and then, when I paid her, informed me that her "livelihood was based on tips so anything I could spare would be great". I hesitated and then handed her the dollar I'd been planning on leaving on the table like a typical tipper would. I'm pleased she enlightened me about this arcane practice of... tipping, is it called? and I'll endeavor to help out the city's waitstaff in future.

Otherwise, Seize Them! practice is on a mini-hiatus due to various members being out of town on upcoming weekends, but we'll have to get back at it with a vengeance in April if we want to be totally kickass for the giant party we're throwing in June. Also, WE NEED A BASS PLAYER, people. Please.

V for Vendetta, a story that I have loved for a long time, was actually made into a more than decent film. See it.

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