par for the laziness course

Not much accomplished this weekend creatively, though I took a really fun bike ride through Long Island City. Visited the graffiti gallery at the 5 Pointz Building, which riders of the 7 train will recognize.
Managed to .mp3-ize and distribute the salvageable manifesto readings from last weekend in Portland, and hopefully I'll get the musical portion of that proceeding handled Monday or Tuesday night.
Speaking of .mp3s, I have succumbed to the sexiness and ordered a black 60GB iPod. "Infidel Sorcerers of the Air" will be laser-engraved on the back; it'll be an artifact after I'm famous as hell. FAMOUS AS HELL. Now don't worry... in an attempt to be less than ridiculously decadent I AM selling my Archos AV420 on eBay.
Also speaking of .mp3s I wasted a tremendous amount of time this weekend adding album art to my .mp3 collection in anticipation of the iPod. By my reckoning this is in the top five of Most Completely Pointless Timewasters Ever, but it'll be COOL or something to have album art pop up on all of these tracks. And hey; maybe I'm preserving tiny album art in ephemeral digital form for the Internet Archaeologists.
Uploaded two new images to flickr, showing here> and here .
Had an interesting discussion with jm about where in the country or in other countries one would like to "settle down". Wow... guess I'm getting to that age.

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Anonymous said...

check out clutter to automagically nab images for you, or atleast passively while you are rocking out to it playing.

couple that with growl and you have a real nice waste for that album artwork (you can use iscrobbler's builtin growl support and the standalone growntunes.app which comes with the growl download)

oh but wait you have a centralized machine and rock out on your laptop on the couch... no problemo! setup growl's networking stuff and receive album art on one machine while the other is playing it!