October! The weather is beautiful.
The turning of the month reset my flickr upload limit, so I was able to upload the kids-playing-in-a-fountain series. You can see them at my flickr.com page. Most of them are crops, which I hardly ever do, but I felt I had to stay somewhat back from the subject so as not to make anyone's parents wary. Anyway, it's okay stuff.
Band practice this week was recorded live to Garageband for the first time, so I now have a jam to mess with. I think our covers of Voodoo Lady and Immigrant Song were actually not half bad, but I need to listen to the recordings. Jeff is being very brave and taking on bass duties with his keys. He's getting better at it.
Discovered that Sticker Guy WILL do four-color printing on vinyl stickers and that their bulk prices really aren't bad at all. As such I started working on the first ISOTA Black & Brown sticker design. It's basically just going to be the full stamp image with the QXZ sigil and ISOTA worked into it. I can't get them printed in time for my upcoming trip to Portland, unfortunately.
Here comes the workweek.

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