just a list of things for my brain

Here are some project ideas or things I should be working on.

Q101 - A documentary about the people who ride the bus up to Riker's Island and back to visit incarcerated friends and family members.

Untitled Oil Crash Feature - A couple of friends trying to make their way from Brooklyn to New Jersey (or similar) in the years following the Oil Crash.

Writing songs as a score to the movie Metropolis.

Finish transcribing Eurotrip journal, lay it out with pictures from the trip and publish it via Lulu (probably).

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jm said...

FYI: The Metropolis score thing has "been done" by Alloy Orchestra (one of whom is a dude from Mission of Burma), a fact that had slipped my mind entirely when we first talked about this.

That's not to say, of course, that it shouldn't be pursued.