moving right along

"London Rockumentary" start is delayed a bit while Katie moves from one apartment to another. Fine with me; I've got the Monday tireds and it's not like there's a deadline on this project.
I'll be taking some rolls of film (remember film?) to Adorama for processing and scanning. Prints can suck it. I still like shooting film. Although, if I could afford one of those sweet 12 megapixel (or whatever) digital SLRs I'd probably do it. It's not so much the film stock, really, as it is the vastly vastly superior lenses on SLRs and the fine exposure control. All my digital photography right now is with a mediocre little Nikon Coolpix 880, so it's more or less snapshots. I'm not even sure what's on at least half of one of these rolls so it'll be an adventure.
Today's jobs at work included putting together a reel of B-roll footage for National CineMedia and their recent Bon Jovi on the Big Screen simulcast, and removing a dude's ex-girlfriend from a video of him skydiving.

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