I seem to be beginning a few projects now that autumn is coming upon us.
The Black and Brown Trading Stamps have arrived, so there should be James Brown-related goodness happening once I find someone to print four-color vinyl stickers for me at a price I can afford. I may start out with a simpler black and white image to keep costs down, but part of what I love about this imagery is the color palette.
Recently acquired iLife '05, so Garageband is now in my toolkit. This weekend I examined the possibility of taking Seize Them! rehearsal jam tapes and capturing the bits and riffs I like into Garageband and editing them that way to create songs the band can learn. I can also have some fun with my drum machine (an Alesis SR16 that hardly ever sees use) and some samples to create what the kids these days are calling "phat beats".
Re-started my photography by finally going and shooting underneath the Hell Gate Bridge in Astoria Park. A bunch of kids were out playing a baseball-derived game in the area I wanted to shoot, so I really only got one or two "stark" shots like I wanted.
Tomorrow I start viewing footage with my ex-Multivision coworker Katie for her London rock documentary. Finally I can get back into cutting something real.

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