your back curves like a creeping vine

Zodiac, in my opinion, needed to lose up to half of its second act. I began to lose interest in the steady stream of data about the killer, and that translated into mild exasperation as the protagonist later revisited a lot of the same information. That said, it featured many solid performances and Fincher was as skillful as ever in evoking a mood. But come on, man... tighten it up a notch. The closest comparison that sprang to mind while in the theater was All the President's Men in that it's an epic investigation with a focus on a small group of investigators (though four in this case, rather than two).
I found myself curious about how this movie is ever going to transfer to video, even HD, given that so many people's faces are about a 1/2 stop above absolute darkness in most of the movie. But it turns out it was shot on HD, rather than film, so never you mind I suppose.

Sorta broke in my camera recently, though I didn't really find much to shoot.

Hungry March Band

I think this is my favorite one, and a lot of this image is a testament to the power of Adobe Lightroom HEY ADOBE I JUST PIMPED YOUR SWEET APPLICATION ALL I'M SAYING IS ONE HAND AND THE OTHER DO SOME WASHING YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. The original is way underexposed and far too amber even with tungsten white balance. You can certainly see noise in the dark areas, but this was shot at 800 ISO and then had the midrange brightness forced way up in post. For all that it's been through I'd say that's awesome. So all hail RAW.

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