explosions in the sky

Los Angeles Air Raid

February 25, 1942.

Two days after Goleta, California was shelled by a Japanese submarine, a mysterious object appeared in the skies over Los Angeles.

At 2:25 in the morning the sleeping citizenry was blasted awake by air raid sirens. They blackened the city, as ordered. Some of them, afraid, but unwilling to miss the spectacle, watched as searchlights converged and more than a thousand explosions shattered the sky. Six died.

There is no consensus as to what, exactly, was being fired upon.

Not long afterward, the Scientific and Technical Branch of the US Army Directorate of Counterintelligence began an "in-house project" called the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit.

The original black and white photo was taken by an unknown photographer (or created by an unknown graphic artist) at the Los Angeles Times.

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