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Ahoy and hello.
OUCH (warning: myspace) brang it to Club Midway on Ave. B in the wee hours of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and the performance has been immortalized in video:
OUCHMidwayDVD copy

OUCH affiliate Courtney will be bringing along a copy of the DVD with her on her trip to Sundance in order to show some of her compatriots just what kind of crazy these dudes get up to. Assuming she does actually get to play it for someone there I will immediately make the dubious claim that my work has been shown at Sundance. The movie she's traveling there with, by the way, is a short called Conversion and will be part of the Native Forum at the festival.

It's possible that a slicker version of the DVD will be available to the public at a later date.

OUCH was preceded by several bands from Boston, my favorite of which was Roh Delikat who sound somewhat like a mixture of PJ Harvey and My Bloody Valentine (though that's doing them injustice). I bought their current CD, "Sunny", and if you're into awesome indie rock I suggest you do the same. This is Kristina, the songwriter, guitarist and singer:


I shot a brief amount of video of part of one of their songs to test out the camera gear and I will probably upload that to google video or YouTube soon.

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