Last Resort

Last Resort

This past Saturday I attended the grand opening of the Last Resort Art Space mere blocks from my home it good ol' Astoria, Queens. It seemed to be a huge success, with great turnout and five bands playing the night away.

Robot Goes Here

Personal favorites of mine were Robot Goes Here, a single-guy-plus-sequenced-electrobeats act of high energy similar to Atom and his Package in both form and content, and Dynamite Plan, a pop-radical punkish outfit who rocked our socks right the hell off.

Kudos to Nechama Levy for doing a huge amount of organization and promotion for the event, especially considering that she was nearly wiped off the earth by a garbage truck. I, personally, am tremendously happy to see the beginnings of some kind of Astoria Scene and hope it continues indefinitely even if it does initiate my predicted Williamsburgization of the neighborhood. Hey, even Williamsburg was cool before it wasn't.

Meanwhile, I've completed (or at least stopped working on) the video I shot for Boss Tweed last March at the Galapagos Art Space. The band has requested that I not post clips on the intertubes due to dissatisfaction with their performance, and that's fine with me because all the stuff is so damned dark as to be nigh-invisible when compressed and then re-compressed into Google Video format.

Speaking of Google Video, I recently uploaded (at the behest of the creator, Courtney Schmidt) an excellent short film called The Patent Movie. It would not be a waste of ten minutes of your life for you to watch it. Music by Degoao of OUCH fame.


Nechama said...

Sorry about the potential Williamsburgization. I don't think it's *that* likely in our part of Astoria, because of the hike to the subway. And as for the parts of Astoria that are close to the subway (aka up Ditmars way), they're already Wiliamsburgicized. I don't feel too guilty- it's not like I'm a developer. I just like music and stuff. Thanks for coming!

Sholom said...

It was a kick-ass show, and there's another one coming up on the 23rd.