The West Wing is coming to a close. I've usually enjoyed watching it, though I mostly lost interest after Aaron Sorkin left. This season grabbed my attention again what with it being (I believe) the last season, and also Election Time in both the paralell universe of the Bartlett Administration and that of our real world counterpart. A segment of America has been escaping into the idealized presidency of Jed Bartlett for many years now and it's not difficult to understand why.

Some, I suppose, might find it odd that America's beloved shadow President is, in his fictional-television world, far more 'reality based' than his consensus-reality counterpart is revealed to be on our reality-tv news.

Character arcs are resolving themselves in a satisfying manner, and so far I believe will be impressed by the handling of John Spencer's death. I also believe I will be rather bugged out by the incorporation of footage shot at the actor's actual funeral intended to be read as scenes from that of Leo McGarry.

And though it's difficult to write in a manner that doesn't clank occasionally, I appreciate their efforts in these final episodes to blaze through a summary education in how media is employed by government. The thorough argument-by-example of why massive voter turnout is vital in the '06 election is a welcome stab at public service. Finally, and most importantly, JOSH AND DONNA FINALLY DID IT OMG. Seriously.

The past weekend was spent experiencing bachelor entertainment in Las Vegas on behalf of my good friend Ethan Beigel. I would be curious to know on what he is credited as "Eithan Beigel" because, let me tell you, the man is not Irish. And not even fake Irish.

I would most likely choose not to stay at the Palmswarning: flash again. The rooms are fine and I'm told that the new tower is a very nice night's lodging indeed. But it's juuuust a little too far off the Strip for it to be reachable other than by taxi, and it is (for better or worse) the definitive MTV hotel/casino.

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