glass house

On Thursday night a friend of mine invited me out to see You Aren't My Mother play at The Glass House Gallery in Williamsburg. The Glass House Gallery is a pretty awesome ever-changing collage sculpture that you can walk around in which also hosts music and "art jams".
You Aren't My Mother
You Aren't My Mother sound a bit like Godspeed You Black Emperor! but with lyrics and without percussion (yet). I liked them quite a bit. I hate to simply sum them up like that because it seems dismissive and lazy, but there we are.

Prior to YAMM's set a couple of noise acts performed. First up was Harm Stryker (warning: myspace) who played for about ten to fifteen minutes. Two people twiddling with various pieces of electronic equipment feeding back into each other without discernable rhythm or melody. It was interesting but I just never get much of anything out of the experimental noise stuff. Dead Girls were up next. They were another duo, this time with one guy on a drums and another guy on noise equipment. Dead Girls' set held my interest more than Harm Stryker but was similarly chaotic. The drumming added elements that were sorta free jazzish and the phrase that popped into my head while they were playing was "it sounds like the end of the world".

I feel like an old man during noise band performances sometimes.

Supposedly next week's Seize Them! practice will feature our brand new bassist, a guy that René dug up. I'm excited. We have four weekends to teach him our songs before The Big Party in June. Also, it looks like we have a third new song with two more from Jeff coming down the road. After the new guy gets broken in I'll be back to recording The Album in earnest.

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