two things and another thing too

A: I am so very happy that the American Right feels the need to run into the room and shout 'MR. ROGERS SUCKS!!1!1' in order to get attention. Or maybe all the R fogeys have realized they're about to be replaced by people like the new guy running The National Review, so it's just cane-waving at lawn interlopers.

B: Wired, Make and Paste magazines have clearly all been talking to the same design consultant. Next time you're near a recent copy of any of the above (especially Paste), pick it up and pay attention to how the covers feel. Some very smart person clearly has been exhorting publishers to enhance the ways in which print offers a richer experience than pixel-based media. Touchscreens aside, reading blogs lacks tactility.

C: Monday night's Flaming Tusk show at Lit went over really well. Rumor has it some operative or other captured part or all of it on video.

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