Flaming Tusk's "Abigail" EP reviewed by Metal-Rules.com

Hanntu at Canadian metalhead web mecca Metal-Rules.com has reviewed Flaming Tusk's Abigail EP, rating it 3 out of 5 (which translates to "recommended for serious fans" on their scale).

Metal-Rules says:

This five piece band from Astoria, New York plays an eclectic mix of death, black and thrash metal that draws as much musical influence from The Doors and Black Sabbath as Immortal, via Emperor and Deicide and Testament... Singer Stolas Trephinator mixes up tortured gurgles and screams with death roars to great effect, and the fact that I’m reminded of Schmier, Zetro Souza, Abbath and Glen Benton can only be a good thing. And it’s well worth you to taking the time to read their twisted lyrics, seeing as how ABIGAIL was inspired by the true story of Abigail Taylor (I won’t spoil it for you here but you can look it up on Wikipedia)... With the jagged, doom-ish riffing and the black/death vocals, ABIGAIL is a great debut effort. With the inevitable improvement on later albums in the lyrics department as the band matures, Flaming Tusk will be one to keep an eye out for.

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There's more to come from Metal-Rules.com w/r/t Flaming Tusk, so stay tuned.
And, of course, download the Abigail EP.

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