Seize Them! EP now on sale in various formats

Dear Internets,
At long last the Seize Them! EP (hereinafter referred to as the ST!EP) is a reality, the proof of which is that you can spend money and have one of your very own.

Those of you who like physical CDs in beautiful, collectible digipak packaging (and with a free sticker!) will want to either head over to the relevant page on the seizethem.com site, or see the sidebar on this blog for a Google Checkout link. If you prefer PayPal, we can accommodate that at the High Water Media webstore.

You hipper and anti-materialistic types might prefer to download your ephemera from the iTunes Music Store (click here: Seize Them! - Seize Them! - EP, or, again, use the link in the sidebar), or the Amazon.com MP3 Store.

In all cases the EP costs a mere $5. As Ferris Bueller says, "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. It is so choice".

BONUS: Seize Them!'s 4.25.08 EP release show at Don Hill's is available for FREE DOWNLOAD from seizethem.com. Listen, and weep that you were not there to witness the glory. Or, if you were, it makes a nice souvenir!

Notice to Hillary Clinton (all others please ignore): Get out of the race. Obama has an insurmountable delegate lead unless you resort to antidemocratic massaging of "superdelegates", and Republicans will never vote for you. End the charade. Seriously. Also, your campaign behavior (and Bill's) has been disgusting and reprehensible.

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