seriously, folks, we need this guy

This man must be elected president. If you haven't watched Barack Obama's recent speech, start with the first quarter of it below, and go on to the rest of it. Go ahead, seriously:

There are many noteable things here, of course, not the least of which is what Jon Stewart referred to as "talking to Americans as if they were adults". Is it as shocking to the rest of you, after all these years of utter mindlessness in the government, that you can actually watch and be enthralled by half an hour of a political speech?

The promise of an Obama presidency goes beyond the man himself to the, honestly, much more important question of the people Obama will bring into positions of power in the government. People like Samantha Power, who I mentioned in an earlier post. She's obviously on the outs for the moment, but I have no doubt she'd find a place in the Obama administration. Obama will surround himself with the people who have the worldview the United States needs to survive the early 21st century.

In music news, Seize Them! has finished recording all the instrument tracks for the upcoming, yet-to-be-named, EP (dropping in April!) and they are awesome. All that's left is vocal recording and a final mix. Very exciting.

I've been fiddling with the idea of a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" in a bluegrass-esque style, and last night I whipped up a proof-of-concept demo just to see if it works. It does. Listen to it here, if you're interested.

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