If any of you millions of faithful readers are looking for some live music events in New York City for this weekend, note these:

Tonight at The Delancey on the Lower East Side, my friend's band North is playing and I dig them.

Saturday night at The Bowery Ballroom is a triple threat, costume-tastic show featuring Peelander-Z, Bling Kong, and the second-to-final-ever show for good ol' Mr. Brownstone, everyone's favorite Guns N' Roses tribute. Their set will be introduced by a short video I put together for the band, so don't be late.

Here's a picture of Peelander-Z from Bonnaroo 2004 -
Peelander Z

I'm going to try my damnedest to get at least a listenable CD of Seize Them!'s performance from last weekend burned to give to some people over the next couple of days. Just gotta keep that kick drum from peaking.

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