flip back, turn, and try again

Well, hubris has gotten me once again. My assertion in the previous post that the sticker printing was going ahead turns out to be false. I was just on the phone with Dave at Sticker Guy and he informed me that they only screenprint... so my design is far too complicated to render properly. That they only do screenprinting is not, so far as I have found, explicitly stated on the website but I suppose it should have been a clue when I chose the "four color" option and was presented with a list of colors to pick from rather than the standard CMYK. Ah well. Time to look for a new printer. If anyone has any leads on cheapish four color vinyl sticker printing I would be happy to hear about them.

My old schoolmate Declan appears to be just about finished with his feature film Urban Assault.
The EPK trailer there is pretty exciting (though warning to those in need of warning: graphic gun violence and bare breasts). Good luck, Declan!

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