could you be loved?

I spent Friday night out on the town with my friend Cristian at a bar in Red Hook called The Hook. They were having a reggae night kicked off by a pretty good cover band from Jersey called Smoke and then the rest of the time was given over to Thrillamatic Sound System and King David High Five who DJed the shit out of some awesome old-school reggae tunes. No cover charge. I got there stupidly early by not noticing the start time on the flyer for which I was awarded a free beer by the highly accomodating bartenders. Cristian and I agreed that we felt very much like we were back in Amsterdam. I hope The Hook makes reggae night a regular thing because I will definitely be there.

me and my wisp

Cristian, by the way, would like to organize a shuffleboard tournament between himself and a chess Grandmaster to be played out in Iceland. Coming soon.

Also, my good friend René spent Sunday getting a Decepticon logo tattooed onto his left calf. Here's a photoset.


Anonymous said...

You should check out thrillamaticsoundsystem's website. It will give you future party dates. Glad you liked the party!
see: www.thrillamaticsoundsystem.com

QXZ said...

Excellent. Thanks for the URL. I've incorporated it into the post.

Anonymous said...

Did you go to last night's party on May 5th at the Hook? It was small but really fun. The guest selectors were Seniminia- Fire Red and King David High Five. Thrillamatic and guests spun amazing vintage reggae until closing. Look for future parties at other clubs in Brooklyn.

Anonymous said...

next part at Southpaw- Downsouth
lounge on Oct 26th- Thursday.